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Climbing Scaffolding Systems 

Successive structure self-climbing scaffolding system is suitable for high-rise buildings and super high-rise shear wall structures. 

This electric hoisted self-climbing scaffolding system with its integrated climbing mechanism makes for one-time installation and lifting.

The built-in safety screen design can effectively prevent workers and objects falling when operating.

This is a cost-effective and convenient solution for high-rise buildings, making for ease of structural works with minimal delays. 

Special features or unique selling points

1.       Modular Structure. Main climbing frame composed of metal screen, adjustable vertical frame and keel plate.

2.       Structure design is reasonable, full protection, excellent fire proof function. Easy to install and dismantle.

3.       Wide ranges of applications. Great saving on Labour and material.

4.       Wall attached device integrates anti-drop function, tilt prevention and guide into one. Good of fall protection and tilt prevention performance.

5.       Computerized control system offers an easy and clear on-site control management.

6.    Control system is designed with overloading auto alarm and stop functions.


Limitations of traditional H-frame scaffolding

1.       H-Frame scaffolding system is costly when used for high-rise buildings.

2.       Installation and dismantling is slow and highly labour intensive

3.       Low safety standards

4.    Gap between the structure and the scaffolding is not fully sealed, thus debris fall all the way to the bottom


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