Concrete Placing Boom

High quality concrete placing systems

Improve concreting efficiency  

Automatic and Manual Concrete Placing Booms

  1. Ability to concrete within an 18 M radius.
  2. Ability to concrete columns within a 18M radius machine up to 4.5 M
  3. clearance height (customizable)
  4. More than 2 times faster than the conventional pipe laying method.
  5. Reduced labor requirement Machine handled by one operator
  6. Initial cost is lower than hydraulic climbing boom placing boom and spider type placing boom doing concrete pouring.
  7. Motorize remote control arm increasing speed of overall process.
  8. Requirement of towercrane, only when moving machine out of current radius major reduction is in required crane hours compare to using tower crane concrete bucket. (Specially for columns)
  9. It reduces site congestion as there are less construction workers.

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