Materials and Machinery Supply

Inform us of your requirement of material and machinery and we look forward to souring it for you.

New Technology

ABM’s international supplier network makes souring your requirements, a quick reality.

Our Process

Identify your requirement

We look forward to working with you to identify, clarify and quantify you requirement.


Identify our suppliers

ABM’s international supplier network provides quotations for potential products and we evaluate the options for your convenience.


Sourcing of your material or machinery

Finally material and machinery as sourced, purchased, checked, shipped and cleared from local customs – providing you with a solution delivered to your doorstep.

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Related Services

Sourcing and evaluations

ABM provides multiple option for your requirement and evaluation is carried out to a set of defined criteria for selection of the most suitable solution. 

Procurement, shipping, customs clearing

Our service includes procurement and all the details thereof, including the final steps of clearing local customs. 

After sales service

We belive in satisfied customers, therefore our local team of engineers, technical officers and mechanics are available to serve you to ensure performance of our products. 


Please feel free to contact us with any sourcing requirement and we look forward to providing you with a solution!

A few of the common questions we receive are below

If your query is not listed below, please call the number +94 778 032 732

What are the materials ABM has sourced until now?

The list is long, but a few highlights are climbing scaffolding, window glass, glass handling machinery, carpeting, machinery parts; apart from our list formwork, scaffolding and formwork related products such as mould oil etc.

Can ABM source any construction material?

Our supplier network around the world can work to provide you with a solution for your requirements. However if it is an item, commonly available on the local market it maybe cheaper to source it from an industry specialist (ex. small quantities of toilet fittings, tiles etc.) 

What is the usual lead time for sourcing?

As a rule of thumb it takes up to 3 months, this includes – manufacture, inland transit, overseas customs, shipping, local customs and delivery to your location.

What is the process?

Please contact us at the number below, give us your requirement details and we look forward to providing you with the perfect solution. 

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