Streamline Your Construction Supply Chain

Discover how our integrated services can simplify your operations, ensure quality, and deliver cost-effective solutions for your construction projects.

Finding the Perfect Fit

 Supplier Management & Sourcing

  • Extensive Network: We maintain a database of over 300+ pre-vetted, reliable construction material suppliers across various regions.
  • Expert Sourcing: Our experienced team leverages industry knowledge and specialized tools to identify the right supplier for your specific needs and budget.
  • Rigorous Supplier Assessment: We implement a multi-layered vetting process and enforce strict quality control measures to ensure supplier reliability.

Delivering on Your Vision

Unwavering Quality Management

  • Tailored Inspection Criteria: We develop customized inspection plans based on your project specifications and industry standards.
  • Comprehensive Factory Audits: Our qualified inspectors conduct thorough on-site factory audits to assess supplier capabilities and quality control procedures.
  • Streamlined Sampling Process: We manage sample consolidation, testing & shipping – providing you with clarity of material quality.
  • Pre-Shipment AQL Inspections: We perform final inspections based on agreed-upon Acceptable Quality Levels (AQL) to guarantee your materials meet your expectations.

Securing the Best Value


  • Unbeatable Price: Our procurement specialists leverage their expertise to negotiate the best possible pricing and terms with suppliers on your behalf.
  • Complete Supplier Management: We handle the entire purchasing process, including contract initiation and secure payment processing.
  • One-time Delivery: Schedule regular check-ins with suppliers to confirm delivery schedules and address any potential delays

Efficient Delivery, Every Time


  • Warehousing & Local Logistics: We offer warehousing solutions and manage local logistics to ensure efficient movement of materials within your region.
  • Shipment Consolidation: We consolidate multiple shipments to optimize costs and streamline international deliveries.
  • Customs Declarations: Our team handles all customs declarations, ensuring seamless clearance of your materials.
  • International Shipping: We manage international freight forwarding, ensuring your materials arrive on-site efficiently and cost-effectively.

Tailored to Your Needs

Additional Services

  • Customized Labeling: We can ensure clear and compliant labeling for all your materials.
  • Special Packaging Requirements: We accommodate unique packaging needs to protect your materials during transport.
  • Supplier Visit Planning: Let us help plan and coordinate supplier visits, maximizing your time and resources.

Understanding Global Supply Chain Complexities

Integrated Services for Streamlined Operations

At ABM, we recognize the intricate challenges involved in managing a global construction supply chain. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to simplify your operations, ensure top-notch quality and provide cost-effective solutions. From supplier management & quality control to procurement & logistics, our integrated approach ensures that every aspect of your supply chain is optimized for success.