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ABM is the only provider that provides a rental service for aluminium formwork in Sri Lanka.

Aluminium Formwork

Using this model of formwork supply ABM Formwork provides of a cost savings of 20 – 50% when compared to purchasing your entire requirement directly from a supplier.

ABM’s achievement is providing our Clients with aluminium formwork, at a cost similar to the cost of conventional plywood formwork, by means of our renting services.

Our Services

  • Renting aluminium formwork
  • Aluminium formwork re-design by a team of ABM engineer
  • Hydro blast cleaning, restoration & repairs of used formwork
  • Re-engineering of used formwork for new projects
  • Sourcing formwork from manufacturers
  • Technical and Engineering support for mock-up and staff training for erection
  • Maintaining a local stock of accessories for client convenience
  • Providing sub-contract services for formwork erection

Our Recycling
Process For
Aluminium Formwork

Clean & Repair

Formwork collection from your sites, hydro blast cleaning, repair, stacking and managing inventory. In this manner we ensure the maximized use of your available formwork assets.


We provide the service of formwork design, conducted by our local formwork design Engineer to ensure smooth coordination with your project team.


After design completion, we aim to minimize your cost further by sourcing your additional requirement of standard panels locally, rented from ABM and the purchase of your non-standard panels from our partner company GETO.

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Related Services

Cleaning and Repair

Using our in-house hydro-blaster we carry out cleaning of aluminium formwork. After cleaning we carryout application of our protective wax to ensure panel usage cycles are maximized.

Formwork Design

Our local design engineer, coordinates with your site team to ensure the smooth succession of scope identification, shell-drawings and final formwork design for your projects.

Mock-up and Training

Our team of engineers and technical officers assist you with site mock-up, as well as staff and labour training for formwork erection works. We also have the capacity to provide resources for formwork erection at your site.


Aluminium Formwork

Please feel free to contact us with any formwork requirement and we look forward to providing you with a solution!

A few of the common questions we receive are below

If your query is not listed below, please call the number +94 778 032 732

What is system formwork?

System formwork includes any assembly of materials that comprises a mould for pouring of concrete with an easier method of assembly than the conventional method of using timber and plywood sheets. 

What type of system formwork does ABM supply?

Aluminium formwork, climbing formwork, steel formwork, adjustable column system formwork


What is the benefit of system formwork?

The main benefit is the increased speed of formwork erection and reduced striking time, due to systems in place that enable striking of formwork without moving of props. Increased speed of erection coupled with minimal requirement of skilled labour and overall reduced labour requirements provides system formwork user a large saving. 

How do it get a quote?

Please contact us at the number below, give us your project details, including AutoCAD drawings of your project and we look forward to providing you with the perfect solution. 

Climbing Formwork System

The Self-Climbing Hydraulic Formwork Model QPMX50 is able to climb automatically. The elevation of the structure and operating platform can be done without the use of other equipment to lift it. It is an ideal choice for construction of high-rise buildings and bridges. The lifting power of the Self-Climbing Hydraulic Formwork comes from the hydraulic elevator system which includes a hydraulic oil cylinder and a commutator. The commutator is able to control the elevation of the climbing rail or structure. It is able to allow the formwork structure and climbing rail to form an inter-climbing through the hydraulic system. As such, this will enable the Climbing Hydraulic Formwork is able to climb at a stable pace. It is easy to operate, able to climb fast and has high safety level.

Wall and Column Formwork

Column Formwork is to be designed to be able to accommodate relatively high fresh concrete pressures as comparatively small cross-sections are concreted quickly. Therefore, the joints in particular are to be formed very carefully and tightly sealed.
Column formwork is comprised of panel formwork elements or based on individual formwork girders; steel formwork is also available.
The quick and easy adjustment of the cross-section and height with minimum effort and the least possible number of system components is an important criterion for the cost-effectiveness of a column formwork system. In addition, columns with the same cross-sections are frequently required to be constructed in large numbers so that the systems need to be quickly transported to the next place of use without any assembly effort. Furthermore, system solutions have been developed with which the high demands frequently placed on concrete surfaces, evenness or the sharp edges of corners can be fulfilled.

Slab Formwork

ABM has many types of slab formwork systems to suit your project needs.
For girder slab formwork, wooden or aluminum girders are crosswise mounted and covered with formlining of choice. This construction allows easy adjustment to accommodate different loads and ground plan geometries.
Large-sized slab tables are prefabricated based on the same principle and then delivered to the construction site. After use, the slab tables are transported below the slab to a position which can be reached with the crane and, from there, moved to the new concreting section. Tables provide a very high level of safety in particular at the slab edges, and ensure very fast shuttering times for large-sized areas.
Modern modular slab formwork systems comprised of panels or girder grids facilitate fast forming operations due to a minimum of individual components and a systematic assembly sequence. For filler areas, complementary system components provide quick and reliable implementation solutions.

Quick Early Stripping Formwork

Early-stripping Slab Formwork for concreting of constructions comprising beams, slab and columns comprises several rectangular standard formworks, props with multiple early-stripping support mechanisms , several filler beams and filler panels.

3D Early Stripping Formwork

3D early-stripping system is mainly made in steel material for beams and props and covered with plywood on slab, connecting with the aluminum formwork for wall and column. It provides overall solution for wall and column and slab concrete.

Table Formwork

TABLE MODULES have been designed particularly for small numbers of applications. They are completely pre-assembled and arrive at the jobsite ready for use. Four standard sizes are available, the guardrail is firmly mounted in case of cantilevered modules.

Steel Formwork

This consist of panels fabricated out of thin steel plates stiffened along the edges by small steel angles. The panel units can be held together through the use of suitable clamps or bolts and nuts. The panels can be fabricated in large number in any desired modular shape or size. Steel forms are largely used in large projects or in situation where large number reuses of the shuttering is possible. This type of shuttering is considered most suitable for circular or curved structures.

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