Rebar Processing

Providing cutting and bending services for reinforcement steel.

Outsource to the specialists

ABM in Partnership with ADCO and Ispat Infrastructure

– an India based rebar processing service provider, brings:

Ready to Use (R2U) Cut & Bent Steel

  • Delivered to site
  • Hoisted directly to the location for tying

Provided at less cost than manual method                     (for large quantities)

Complete Cut & Bend Service

 ABM undertakes complete scope of rebar processing

 Complete outsourcing 

Projects with a MoQ of 500 tons per month

  • ABM will setup at the rebar manufacturers location (Lanwa, Melwa etc.)
  • BBS & Priority list sent from Client
  • Processed steel provided by ABM

Projects with a MoQ of less than 500 tons per month

  • ABM will setup at Client’s site or yard


Machinery Sale and Renting 

ABM facilitates sale & rental of machinery 

  • SKZ China for CNC and automated machinery
  • Small scale tables benders & cutters

Machinery Renting

  • Renting for operation by Client
  • Renting followed by operation & management by ABM at Client location

Machinery Sales

  • Sale for operation by Client
  • Sale followed by operation & management by ABM


    Product Portfolio

    Stirrup Bender

    Cutting and Bending Machines

    Threading and Sawing Machine

    Pile Cage Machine

    Truss Girder Machine

    Mesh Welding Machine

    Key Benefits of Outsourcing of Cut & Bend Operations

    Benefits for Contractors

    • Maximize utilization of onsite space by moving all cutting and bending operations offsite
    • Maximize utilization of raw materials by use of system-generated cut optimization process
    • Manage off cuts with maximum effectiveness and efficiency
    • Reduce additional overheads onsite and quality liability by outsourcing cutting and bending operations
    • Reduce site labour force as a result of outsourcing
    • Reduce varying cost per ton by pre-agreement of supply (for agreed-upon time period)



    Benefits to Steel Manufacturers

    • Ability to provide clients with solutions for cut and bent steel requirements
    • A competitive advantage over other manufacturers not offering this service
    • Ease of dealing with a single company operating professionally
    • Long term agreements can ensure price stability and convenience
    • ABM’s experienced team adding value to customer satisfaction
    • No requirement to provide provision and space for each client at the location of manufacture
    • No requirement to provide provision to clients on a project basis required extra coordination
    • No requirement to deal with client sub-contractors at the location of manufacture
    • Minimal overall coordination effort by steel manufacturer

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