Rebar Processing

Providing cutting and bending services for reinforcement steel.

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Working in construction services to construction companies from the Middle East and Sri Lanka, our team bring together over 35 years of combined experience.

The Rebar Processing Industry

The global trend in the construction industry sees the rise of centralized cutting and bending services around the globe. Our partner, Ispat Infrastructure India both sells and operates rebar processing facilities across India and in Kenya.

It is proven that by means of a centralized rebar processing facility with the required machinery and efficient processes, a significant cost saving can be gained both my means of reduced production costs and lower wastage percentages. 

About ABM Rebar Processing

Our Services

  • Cutting and bending of reinforcement steel
  • Monitoring and maintaining off-cuts and wastage
  • Maintaining wastage below 3%

ABM provides steel manufacturers with cut and bend services at a fixed rate. Steel manufacturers have the opportunity to pass on these services to clients at a value-added price.

    Key Benefits of Outsourcing of Cut & Bend Operations

    Benefits for Contractors

    • Maximize utilization of onsite space by moving all cutting and bending operations offsite
    • Maximize utilization of raw materials by use of system-generated cut optimization process
    • Manage off cuts with maximum effectiveness and efficiency
    • Reduce additional overheads onsite and quality liability by outsourcing cutting and bending operations
    • Reduce site labour force as a result of outsourcing
    • Reduce varying cost per ton by pre-agreement of supply (for agreed-upon time period)



    Benefits to Steel Manufacturers

    • Ability to provide clients with solutions for cut and bent steel requirements
    • A competitive advantage over other manufacturers not offering this service
    • Ease of dealing with a single company operating professionally
    • Long term agreements can ensure price stability and convenience
    • ABM’s experienced team adding value to customer satisfaction
    • No requirement to provide provision and space for each client at the location of manufacture
    • No requirement to provide provision to clients on a project basis required extra coordination
    • No requirement to deal with client sub-contractors at the location of manufacture
    • Minimal overall coordination effort by steel manufacturer

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    Related Services

    Cutting & Bending

    Using our automated styrrup machine, semi-automated shearline cutter and table benders, we provide a continuous supply of steel, cut and bent as per requirement with minimal delays or inconveniences.

    Off-cut & waste reconciliation

    As a result of our rebar monitoring software we work with minimal wastages. Our software indicate optimal cuts and keeps track of off-cuts thereby boasting a wastage of less then 3%.

    QA/QC Services

    Our inhouse QA/QC Team ensures your requirement is cut and bent as per specification and delivered in a timely manner. 


    Please feel free to contact us with any sourcing requirement and we look forward to providing you with a solution!

    A few of the common questions we receive are below

    If your query is not listed below, please call the number +94 778 032 732

    Does ABM have a cut & bend plant we can use?

    Yes! ABM has our own cut and bending plant ready to serve you. 

    Can ABM carryout cut & bend services at our location?

    Yes! ABM working with our machinery supplier, can setup an automated processing facility at your location and carryout operations for you. 

    What is the usual lead time for sourcing?

    As a rule of thumb it takes up to 3 months, this includes – manufacture, inland transit, overseas customs, shipping, local customs and delivery to your location.

    What is the process?

    Please contact us at the number below, give us your requirement details and we look forward to providing you with the perfect solution. 

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